Get Rid of Chapped Lips Naturally

Chapped Lips are very annoying problem that most of the persons face during winter. Having chap problems are common phenomena for both the genders. Women are prone to this problem as they apply a lot of products which are chemical based on to their lips than men do. We all want to have supple lips throughout the year. We desire so, we try hard to get that but we fail.

Before reading the natural methods to cure your chapped lips, you should scroll down to know why are you probably having chapped lips. The common causes behind having chapped lips are-

  1. DEHYDRATION (I have wrote this in caps because, of course, i want to emphasize it)
  2. Excessive Licking
  3. Not applying enough quantity of Sunscreen
  4. Bad Diet (consumption of excess Vit A)
  5. Lack of Exfoliation
  6. Smoking
  7. etc

Apart from the above mentioned causes you can also have chapped lips as one of the side effects of the medications probably you are having. Some medical treatments lead to chapped lips. Another thing that causes chap is Allergic reactions. But these are personal causes and can be very hard to get rid of. So the persons having the common causes can treat chapped lips at home by the below mentioned tips and tricks easily.

  1. Water

Water itself can allow you to get a soft supple lips quickly. If you drink plenty of water everyday there will be no chance of having chapped lips at all. Yes, just drink lots and lots of water to detoxify your body. It is very necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day because our body needs it to function properly. When you feel like having chapped lips it is  actually alerting  that you are having a dehydrated body.

2. Exfoliation

The Dead skin is the main reason behind your dull lips. The dull appearance will fly away if proper exfoliation is done on a regular basis. After exfoliation you will find the effect instantly. The dead dull skins go away and it also gives the space for new young cells to grow. There are some homemade natural scrubs that you can make for yourself at home for exfoliation.

  • sugar honey scrub– This is the most common way to scrub your lips. Mix equal amount of sugar(coarse) and honey together and apply this for sometime. When you remove it make sure to rub your lips a little bit.
  • DIY petroleum jelly scrubber– Vaseline petroleum jelly is the most common thing to use for this purpose. Add sugar to it and apply followed by rubbing.
  • brown sugar scrub– This is another version of the first mentioned sugar scrub where add brown sugars instead of white sugar. The effect will be same.
  • coconut lip scrub– Equal amount of coconut oil and coco sugar is mixed and applied. Coconut oil give a complete moisturizing effect afterwards.

3. Apply sunscreen


We all know about the harmful effects of UVrays now days. But apart from the UV rays the normal sun rays and the heat caused by sun rays can damage the soft tissues of the lips. So it is always advised to apply moisturizer at day times and also to apply sunscreen over your it. Sunscreen lotions help to minimize the side effects of sun rays. In Market you will also find Lipsticks, Lip glosses with SPF. Try to buy these things instead of buying without SPFs.

4. Moisturising


After exfoliation, don’t let your lips getting dry. Immediately moisturize it to avoid excessive dryness. Petroleum jelly is one of the best things that we can apply over our lips without thinking twice. Other moisturizing item can be Glycerin, natural lip balms etc.

  • Fresh Milk cream is a great thing to apply over your lips for 5-10m until it gets 50% dried and then was off.
  • Apply any kind of mild oils over your lips. Oils give very good moisturizing effect. Oils like jojoba, coconut or even almond oil works well.
  • For peeing Lips, apply a cucumber slice on your lips and rub lightly.

5. Some Important things

  • Try to find a toothpaste without having fluoride in it.
  • Don’t use tooth paste on your lips as it has soap in it that dries the lips.
  • Cut down the use of harsh chemicals on your lips.
  • Switch from chemical cosmetic product to herbal cosmetic products.
  • Get an unflavored lip balm.
  • Reconstruct your diet plan properly.
  • Don’t Lick and Don’t breathe from your mouth.
  • Excess of vitamin consumption should be avoided.
  • Smoking causes greater damage to the lips tissues.