Easiest Homemade Natural Body Lotion Recipe

I always try to make my personal care products that I use daily, by my own at home as it allows me to choose the Ingredients solely. The main reason why I want to choose the ingredients is very simple. You can avoid choosing chemical based product or bad quality products. We all know about the harmful effects that the chemicals do in our skin. Still, in market, most of the skin care products are chemical based.

Renowned Multi-National Cosmetic companies are also inclined towards making chemical based skin care products because they are somewhat drifted from their own promises. They look forward to make more and more profit. That’s true! Chemical products can be easily synthesized in laboratories at a very low cost, if made bulk. So naturally the cost of raw materials gets much lower. But apart from these kind of companies, there are many herbal companies have grown up nowadays and they offer us better products.

Still, I don’t want to depend on any other person to make my skin care products as I love to make these by my own. Trust me you will feel amazing if you prepare anything for yourself. Each time when you will use this you will feel like Wow!

Now coming to the point, in this article I will share the ‘secrets’ to make an amazing body lotion which is completely NON-GREASY! I know you guys try hard to explain the shopkeeper to give you a non-greasy one but each time he fails to give you the perfect one you want. Don’t be sad any more. Just go to a supermarket and buy the below listed things. These raw materials are very easy to find even in your local shops. If in case you don’t get these after a lot of search, I am here to save you! I am also uploading the links of the online markets to buy the specific raw materials.

What you need-

  1. Coconut Oil – (purest form is the best to make this) Buy here
  2. Cocoa Butter- (It is the butter extracted from the roasted cocoa seeds) Buy here
  3. Shea Butter – Buy here
  4. Aloe vera Juice- Buy here
  5. Essential Oil- (any kind of essential oil you can select depending on your own preference) Buy here
  6. Fixed oil- (I have used Almond Oil) (it should not have strong flavour) Buy here

In my case I only had to buy Cocoa butter and shea butter from the market. Almond oil, Lemon oil (as an essential oil) and coconut oil are always available at my place. You should also get these things handy. These help a lot when you are in need. And the last, Aloe vera juice I had previously brought from a medicinal shop for my mother. She takes it regularly as a digestant.

The amount you need-

  1. Coconut oil – 60ml/ one fourth cup
  2. Cocoa butter – 30ml/ one eighth cup
  3. Shea butter – 30ml/ one eighth cup
  4. Aloe vera juice – 15ml/ one 16th cup/ 1tbsp
  5. Lemon oil – few drops
  6. Almond oil – 15ml/ one 16th cup/ 1tbsp


Now I will move on to the description of the preparation of the body lotion. Before even that, find a best way to heat the ingredients to dissolve. Now, always remember you have to understand that the flame should be ‘really’ ‘really’ medium or preferably low so that none of the components get degraded. Using microwave will be a hazard I guess.

The main part-

First of all, take a heat proof bowl and add coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter and place over the flame. Stir well until all these are well incorporated and dissolved. Take away the bowl from heat and place aside to cool down the entire mixture. When this is done, mix the required amount of aloe vera juice and stir. At the very last stage, add both the fixed and essential oils and think how to preserve this 😀

For the preservation-

Usually Sodium Benzoate is added as a preservative. But bigger companies use many other improved preservatives. The thing is these preservatives are really hard to find for us. Got tensed? Here is the link to buy Sodium Benzoate. Add a pinch of it to the prepared lotion. This lotion you can use for over months. It will not degrade during the entire winter season!

How to store?

Storage of this lotion is very simple. You can use a squeezing bottle, an open mouth container or even an empty bottle of lotion. Make sure the cap is completely closed after each application. Don’t expose the container to heat for long time.

What are the benefits?

Benefits are huge! You can play with the ingredients to achieve your need. I have slightly oily skin so I added few drops of lemon oils in the lotion. But if you don’t have oily skin then don’t add lemon oil. It tends to lighten your skin with a hint of dryness. This can be annoying for those who has rough, dry skin. So according to your skin type you can add-

  1. Dry, rough, sensitive skin- Rose oil or geranium oil works the best
  2. Oily skin- citrus oils
  3. Wrinkled skin- rose oil, Lavender oil, Fennel oil
  4. Pigmented skin- Chamomile and Sandalwood oil

Natural effect of this lotion is to add moisture to your skin. It is non-greasy, so you can apply it any time you want.

My suggestion-

I have seen that the lotion works really well if you apply it over your skin at night before going to bed. Let the lotion work nicely and in the morning, you will feel you skin has become soft supple than any other day. I use water to hydrate my skin first especially the elbow area etc. Then I apply the lotion. The lotion has more like a creamy consistency. So, it won’t be gluey.

NOTE- please follow the exact quantity of basic ingredients listed above. If you want to experiment, you really can, but I doubt if the result will still be non-greasy!!

***Try this at home, share your suggestion with me! I would love to hear!***


Author- Pritha Ghosh