Wow! World Men’s Fashion Transformations, Decades to Decades History!

Many of our visitors told us that they feel very disappointed when they see lots of women’s fashion related post all over the internet but they hardly find any for the men’s fashion. This time (like the previous one, when The Fashion Desert posted ‘2016, Winter Fashion Trends For Men’ to meet the expectations of the male visitors) again The Fashion Desert has come up with a very unique theme for Men’s Fashion.

This post will not significantly describe the fashion of a particular country. This will discuss the styles that more than the average world population followed at that particular time.

We had so much of fun when we were doing our research about this topic. We are sure that you guys will also have fun to see the Transformation in Men’s Clothing throughout a century! Yes, we have collected basically a 100yrs journey of men’s clothing. The transformations took place many times. But we have decided to show you a decade to decade transformation starting from 1920 to till date!

Do you want to know how men used to look when they were in 1920? Back to that era, we have recollected so many unique features of styles that we felt worth sharing. So, we finally took the courage to make a post about this.


We are now in 1920!


ClothingSuits were very Prominent in men irrespective of their age groups. Young people rather used to look more casual in daily life. Most of them used to make Tweed suiting as this kind of fabrics were readily available in market at that time. Stipes and check were more popular. A unique style was making two flap pockets in front of the coats. Trousers were made by the matching fabrics. These were high waisted and people used to use suspenders along with these.

Accessories– We have already mentioned about the suspenders. They used to wear socks with suits which were usually plain or stripped in pattern. In parties, men used to cover their necks with beautifully designed bow ties. These were a sign of gentlemen. Wearing a scarf around the neck was also seen. Special types of hats like Panama, Derby, Homburg, Fedora, Newsboy were very famous at that time! Top Hat kind of hats were more popular among high class people. We liked the Homburg type of hats very much! Two toned lace up shoes were the most famous one from 1920!

We are in 1930!


In 1930, Men started following the body shape of Superman! Yes, people started going to gym to get a body structure like superman. So, basically men wanted to look more firm and athlete.

ClothingTailored coats became hip length. And tailors used to make the outer wear in such a way that the clothe itself gives the body a ‘v’ like appearance. Pants became pleated at the waist area. It became further high rise and very loose fitted. Double breast jackets and button down classic shirts were worn by men for the first time.

AccessoriesStetson hats and Dobbs became the trend that time. Colourful socks were invented and the two-toned shoes remained for another decade.

In 1940!


Clothing– This is the year when men started using Trench coats for the first time inspired from Military. That was a war time so most of the people wanted to stick to the 30s style to support the war. Floral motif shirts were a trend setter this time. They used to call it Hawaiian shirts. This time people decided to get rid of the vest or waist coats worn inside a suit. The suits used to be sold separately without a waist coat for the first time. A special kind of a pleated pants rose the style was called as Zoots. Casual clothes like ‘v’ neck t-shirts and polo t-shirts were very popular.

AccessoriesBelt! This particular item became very trendy at that time. Leather belt became a high-profile trendsetter. Neckties used to be made up of high quality silk fabric and this too was a sign of high society people. Floral, geometric pattern were common in neck ties.


It’s 1950…


In 50s gentlemen chose navy blue, grey, brown and caramel colours for their clothes. School college going students used to dress up casually. But all preferred to wear suiting in formal evenings. Tough women had many choices to wear but for the men it was few.

Clothing– A special style was being followed by middle aged men this time. They used to wear full sleeve t-shirts, cardigans but all were collar less. ‘V’ neck was very popular. Check prints created another level of men’s styling. People loved oversized shirts. Double breasted shirts became a trend spotter in 60s.

Accessories– Even in 60s hats were very popular. Stetson types of hats were famous one. When it comes to shoes, this time people wanted to take care of their shoes a little bit more than ever. One toned shoes were very popular one and these were expensive. And now the special things, Pipe became a part of the accessories to carry along with the entire outfit.

Now, 1960!


The trendiest part of this time was the amazing hair dos! Men used to grow longer hair and styled in many ways.

Clothing– Apart from hip length suits people wore button down collared full sleeve shirts and t-shirts. Flattered pant with geometric prints were in a hue. Hippie style was also adored by men. Leather jackets, leather boots etc. were must haves. Nautical stipes is our favourite item from this decade.

We are in 1970!


Not much changes took place in men’s style in this decade. It was more like a shadowed time gap. But We must say, hairstyles changed a lot.

Clothing–  Sweaters used by men in winter used to have lots and lots prints in it. Trousers were more fitted. That is what we liked the most about 70s. Apart from ‘All-cotton’ clothes, polyesters or even some cotton blend were used to make clothing. What we definitely didn’t like of this time is the tight fitted body suits for men! Yuck!

Accessories– Platform shoes with heels were very famous tough we don’t want this style to come back ever. HA HA! Belts were must haves with bell bottom trousers.



Clothing – This decade also followed high rise trousers. Oversized shirts were also being used. Jackets like bomber jacket and denims were popular. Skin tight clothes like seventies got reduced value. Matching track suits were used by active persons. T-shirts and Sweatshirts had cartoon character or super heroes printed on them. Another hot item was corduroy pants in 80s.

AccessoriesLoafer shoes were a must have item in those days. Many used to enhance their looks by addition of an aviator sunglasses, typically having black glasses.

It’s 1990!


Clothing– Men loved to wear polo t-shirts and not so fit denim jeans together. Tugging the t-shirt inside was a style setter. Over length trousers were made to add pleats at the bottom near ankle. Dungaree became a unique style in 90s with one strap down. LOL ! Girbaud and Parasuco jeans were on demand. T-shirts under unbuttoned shirts and plain t-shirt under a blazer was the style on 90s which we are still following with pride.

AccessoriesOval, round shaped sunglasses was on demand. Men’s jewellery like necklaces (beaded) use to get prominence. Mood rings was very famous among middle ages. Wrist band, sketcher shoes, rapper’s cap all are the fruits of this decade. Even displaying your BIG BIG Headphones around your neck was also burrowed from 90s.

This decade entirely impressed us by its fashion and style indeed.

The 2000!!


Clothing– The best thing 2000’s fashion donated us is the plain ‘v’ neck t-shirts. We really adore them and is still being used by youngsters. Some other types of t-shirts were also there which was made more than hip length and used to have white in colour. Bowties again started coupled with formal suits. Graffiti t-shirts was made for first time in history. Skinny jeans started to raise its value though we find these were too cheesy for men.

Accessories– New things came like sweatbands for the gym lovers. Sunglasses having bright colour tints was famous. Those who wear sunglasses overhead may think they are following today’s trends but basically is was evolved during early 2000! Tuckers hats were very famous those days. Shutter shades and digital watches was very popular. Messenger bag and matching sneakers people loved the most.

This decade, 2010

This is the place where we are living. Do we need to point you out what we are wearing? NO! Of course! Because we all know it better, we all are living in it Bro! But still if you want some tips from us about what to wear this winter to look better than ever, take a look at this- Winter Fashion Trends For Men,2016 .

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