Determine Your Face Shape Now!

Our face shape is a very important factor to always look good. Whatever we wear has to match with our face nicely so that the entire look becomes beautiful.  Wearing dresses, accessories etc. which do not go well with your face will definitely give others a not so good impression about you. And we all know the famous quote, ‘First impression is the Last impression’.

Getting a perfect sunglass also need to determine your face shape first.

Face shape and Hairstyle are related to each other like brother and sister. You might think that the typical hairstyle you are having from almost decades suits you very well. But the actual scenario is somewhat different. Trust me folks, think thousand times before you choose a hairstyle for yourselves. Probably your friends are not commenting bad on your hairstyle because they are used to see you in this way and they have left your personal choices up to you. But there are always exceptions. It can also be true that you are one of the lucky person who has got a perfect hairstyle according to her face shape. Read the article below to find out how perfect your hairstyle is.

I think now you have got a reason at least to determine your face shape right here, right now…

So, for those who want to choose a new hairstyle or who are looking for to determine their face shape at home are always welcome to this post.

The Calculation

First of all, you need to have a ruler and a notepad with pencil to write down the measurements.

I will recommend not to use a measuring tape for this because it becomes very hard to make the tape straight horizontal to take measurements.

Step I– Measure the area vertically from the top of the forehead (just below the point where the hair starts, hairline) to the end of chin. Write down the number.

Step II– Measure from the peak of your left eyebrow to the peak of your right eyebrow. Write down the number.

Step III– Measure from the highest point of your left cheekbone to the right cheekbone. Record the number.

Step IV– Measure the area between your middle of chin and the point where the jaw bone makes an angle (near to Below ear). Multiply this measurement by 2. Now record the number.

That is all dear!

Find Yours

Now, measurement taking part is completed. Next step is to analyse the records.


  • If all measurements are more or less similar – Square Shape
  • If all the measurements are similar but the vertical length is the biggest – Oblong Shape
  • If cheekbone length and vertical length is similar- Round Shape
  • If the vertical length is larger than the cheekbone, Forehead is larger than jawline- Oval Shape
  • If the measurements are in ascending order of cheekbone, forehead and jawline and the vertical length is the largest- Heart Shape


If you have already gone through the ‘Calculation’ and ‘Find yours’ part, look below to get some tiny descriptions about your face shape J

1.Oval– This type of face shape is very common, has a prominent chin and slopping down jawline. Celebrities having oval face like you-

oval2. Round- You guys have fuller cheeks than any other face types. A very cute one. Celebrities having round face like you-


3.Oblong- This is the longest form of face shapes. Your fore head is broader but have smaller width. Celebrities having oblong face like you-


4.Heart- I love this type of face. You have a unique one. Prominent chin and broader cheeks are the plus point of this type of shape. Celebrities having heart face like you-


5.Square- Your shape is equal on every sides. Balanced well. Celebrities having square face like you-


NOTE– If you don’t find any of the above type according to your face then you must have calculated it wrong. Do it another time and check the results once again.

If you are still confused about your face shape please comment below so that we can help you personally 🙂