DIY SUNDAY- (Ep.2)-  Tinted Lip balm at Home

As we said before, we have uploaded our 2nd DIY project in this Sunday!

In this Winter embrace your lips with a completely homemade coloured lip balm. Make a self-made lip balm at you own kitchen and give it the colour you like the most. No need to find the perfect colour from departmental stores anymore! Read the article below and make it! It is a very simple DIY we are sharing with you all!

What you need

You only need very few ingredients for this. As a whole you need an oil, a wax and colourants. That’s it!

Oils can be used- Coconut oil (I always prefer), Jojoba oil, Olive oil…

Wax can be used- Bees wax or Soya wax. (I used bees)

Colourants are- Your favourite lip stick, powdered food colours or organic crayons. Be very choosy if you want to use crayons. Toxic crayons can damage your skin brutally!

The amount you need

Coconut oil– 1 part

Bees wax– 1 part

Lipstick– as much darker as you want your lip balm should be (I used veeery little for 1tbsp of coconut oil and 1tbsp of bees wax)

If you don’t find above listed items at your local supermarket then don’t get disappointed. Online stores are still available for you to choose among thousands of products. Buy here- Coconut oil and Bees Wax.

Quantity Manipulation

So, this is a fun part for sure. Some of us want a lip balm to be a bit shiny and the rest want a matte one. Whichever your preference is, you can make it up to that. If shine is your choice, add less wax. Not too less because then you will get a liquidy lip balm.

For the matte effect add slightly more wax than usual.

For a flavored lip balm add one drop of essential oil to the preparation.

You can make your own creation by adding more than one colour to your lip balm. I have made a lip balm for myself where I have added two lipsticks, one is red and one is orange. The result came out was superb!

matte homemade lipbalms
matte homemade lipbalms

The Making Part

Take microwave oven proof blown and add all the ingredients (apart from the essential oil if you are making a flavoured version). Microwave for maximum 1 minute. Then cool the mixture, adjust the colour, add more if needed. Pour this liquid mixture to an empty lip balm container. Add one drop of essential oil and freeze it.


You will be happy to know that no preservatives are needed for this little lip balm because the products you have added as raw materials already have preservatives in them. The previously added preservatives will do the work for your lip balm too.

Now hurry up make your own! Gift it to others!

Share your experiences below as well …