Here I have come up with another article in TheFashionDesert. This will be the 10th article of TheFashionDesert so I thought to share something essential, daily need things. So, today I will be discussing about the basic essential accessories that women should always have in their wardrobe so that when needed them, they get these things handy!

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Here it is!

  1. Watch
Women Wrist Watches
Women’s Wrist Watches

This is the thing I love the most among the accessories. Even if you want to look comfy for a day out, a simple yet elegant wrist watch can make a great difference in you outfit. I prefer having a metal wrist watch handy always.I have a silver toned and a rose gold toned one.

If you don’t like wearing metals (and also if your skin is hypersensitive towards metals) then have a sleek leather or faux leather watch.

Street style- to create a hippie look, have a funky wrist watch. Add a Jet Black patterned wrist watch to your wardrobe.

Weddings night- pearl studded or shimmer wrist watches work well.

Flirty look- Red, Pink or White band wrist watches ate great.

Bohemian look- vintage, ribbon, beaded wrist watches are the best.

2. Scarf

Women Scraf
Women’s Scarf

I have seen a Dubai based girl has a lots of scarfs that she had to build a separate cupboard to keep those only! If you are also a great fan of scarfs please built yours too 🙂 Things will become more organized.

Silk scarfs are very essential now a days to beat the heat in summer. Sometimes sunscreens having higher SPFs fail to work the way you expected. Use scarfs instead, that will protect your face and neck area with a guarantee!

In winter, buy a woolen scarf preferably in nude shades. Nude shades go well with many different shades. So you don’t have to worry about the colour matching factor.

Street style- For particularly this style neckerchief work well. silk (summer) or wollen (fall) scraf having almost solid print will define the style.

Wedding night – Nude floral prints with shimmering effect are the best.

Flirty look- only tiny floral prints.

Bohemian look– Ethnic, folk prints and geometrical prints are good.

3. Rings

Women's Rings
Women’s Rings

I am not a big fan of rings but I have seen many times rings can add a different dimension to the outfit. So I tried that and the result was really awesome! So this is the reason why I have written rings as 3rd essential item in this list.

Street style– Band rings, thumb rings even black tape like rings are of fun in street style!

Wedding night- you can play with many types of rings for this look actually! I would suggest wearing a pearl or a big statement ring according your outfit.

Flirty look- sleek metallic rings,chains are popular.

Bohemian look- oxidizes silver rings and handicraft rings are perfect.



You can raise a question why I haven’t written earrings! This is because earrings vary in size, shape and in many other respects. You can buy as many types as you can afford but because this is the list for basic essential things I would rather prefer talking about studs only.

Studs having a stone (round, square, heart, rectangular etc) can be teamed up with almost every clothing you have. This is the fact which drives me crazy for studs!

Street style- a metal ring like stud is great. Wear it only in one ear, creates a hippie look.

Wedding night- Big American diamon stud or a coloured diamond studded earring is the thing you want.

Flirty look- studs with chain earcuffs works very well. Alphabetic studs are also great.

Bohemian look- grey pearl, stoned studs create a better look.

5. Hats or caps

Caps and Hats
Caps and Hats

This is another thing I love the most in this list. A hat or cap have the capability to change the entire look. Hats like felt fedoras, Victorian hats, cowgirl hats are very famous among youngsters.

Street style- sporty caps , rapper caps are of great fun!

Wedding night- for wedding nights get a wedding hats handy for sure.

Flirty look- bucket and cloche hats are very nice for this look.

Bohemian look- cowboy hats and Floppy hats are very popular.

6. A leather Belt

Belt over a dress
Belt over a dress

A black or dark brown leather belt is a must have item in your wardrobe. If can be coupled up with a pair of formal trousers or even with jeans. Belts are also worn over a dress to create an hourglass shape.

7. Simple Wallet

A Simple Wallet
A Simple Wallet

Simple because fancy wallets are really nice to have but simple wallets looks just natural as it is. And in anyways you will only carry cash in it! Nothing else! So if your wallet does not look so glamorous it is completely fine!

I know, we still need many more things that can be teamed up with these too but these are the basic needs ! The word basic does not include variety and luxury. So this is the end of my list.

If I have missed out any of the basic accessories that we have to have in our wardrobe please feel free to comment below.

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Happy blogging 🙂

Author: Pritha Ghosh