I love to make DIY projects! And when it allows me to make my own version with my preferred colour, scent, shape in it then I become crazy to make it! This weekend I have come up with this amazingly easy way to make a very simple homemade soap. This is one of the basic soap recipes I am sharing today, will share many more advanced soap recipes having updated techniques. Till then make this simple one for yourself!

What you need

Another super short list of ingredients you need for this homemade soap… Only 4 things will do the work!

  • Rose (Dried Petals only)
  • Soap Base
  • Food Colour (Red, as it resemblance the colour of the flower)
  • Essential oil (Rose oil is preferred)

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The amount you need for 1 Bar

  • Dried Rose petals             – one red rose petals dried, almost 1 ½ tsp
  • Soap Base                           – 150 gm
  • Red Food Colour               – few drops are enough
  • Rose oil                                 – 10 drops


I you don’t find these listed products at your local supermarket then don’t get disappointed. Online stores are still available for you to choose among 1000s of products.

Online Buying Options

Method to make it

Before stepping into the core method, go and get a container where you can keep the soap mixture to settle down. I didn’t have any at home so I used the lower half of a cardboard container (usually milk comes in the kind of containers). I washed it thoroughly and dried well.

Take a microwave safe bowl and add the requires soap base chunks in it. Microwave this to 30 seconds only. Make sure to cut the soap base into smaller chunks so that it starts melting even before the microwave timers ends.

Take out the bowl and add the rest of the ingredients followed by stirring. The rose petals will settle down.

Pour this mixture on to the prepared container and keep it as it is for at least one and a half day. I kept it for 48hrs. Demould the soap! Voila!

My advice

Homemade DIY gifts are really very special. Wrap these little babies with cellophane papers and tie down with cute ribbons. Now they are ready to be gifted !