This time TheFashionDesert has come up with another idea to make your trend updated. We will discuss today about the basic essential clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobe. If you are pretty much creative, you can make a statement style even using these basic items too. Check out the list now!

  • Camisoles


These are definitely must have items and the super basic item of this list also. Can be worn as a cami top, under jacket, under blazer or any kind that you like.

  • Solid White Tee


Solid white or solid black tees are such an important thing that everyone will agree. Irrespective of the gender this is a must have item.

  • Graphic Tee


Graphic tshirts can be worn with jeans, shorts, palazzos etc.

  • Stripped Top


This particular thing we loved the most. Stripped tees look great if teamed with a jeans dungaree.

  • Chambray Top


Another super comfortable clothing is Chambray top. This has become a huge trend nowadays. The pencil skirt look came up so nice!

  • Flannel Shirt


We call it a summer shirt. This must have become our all-time favourite clothing!

  • Scarf


Scarfs can create a very girly, flirty look it carried properly. Check out some YouTube videos to grasp few different ideas to fold and pleat your scarf nicely!

  • Shorts


Shorts are super comfortable item for summers. Yeah, it is not a thing for fluffy beauties. So, for them we have mentioned other must have things below.

  • Leggings

A cotton leggings paired up with a long shirt created a chick look as always. These are very comfortable and flexible too.

  • Jeans


This is something that has already got a pet name ‘everyone’s favourite’. Various types of jeans are available starting from boyfriend jeans to ripped jeans. Get yourself the perfect pair asap.

  • Ripped jeans


A very trendy style with jeans can be created using ripped jeans. They are an amazing item to create hippie, biker and casual chic look.

  • Girly short Dress


We would recommend every girl to have at least one pair of this thing. A super girly short dress can be worn in weddings, date and even in evening parties.

  • Simple Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are becoming trendy day by day. Some are not comfortable in maxi dresses, we know. But give yourself a try. These are super comfy.

  • A well fitted Blazer


For office look, casual stylish look and simple elegant look, a well fitted blazer is very important.

  • Comfy night suit


We have talked about many things that you can wear outside but what about the nights? Our sleeping beauties need coziest night suits for sure! Get an amazing start of a new day.

If I have missed out anything please feel free to comment below..

Happy blogging 🙂