We all have noticed the Choker Trend this year. It has become an essential accessory at the end of the year. Chokers were a very prominent style during the late 80s. I can clearly remember my mother made a golden choker with pearl beads from a local gold ornament shop. She loved that and used to wear it in most of the Bengali Marriage Ceremonies.

This is basically our Mamma’s style, got the limelight once again across the globe this year and will be followed in 2017 also. I will be discussing here about the very easy ways to wear a choker with your outfit. Various types of chokers will also cover the depth of the article.

Lace choker


This one is my favourite. Black and white laces are most common types because these two colours go really well with almost every colour of your outfit.Lace chokers are delicate, they can have very little self life if not handled properly. Some link are given below where you can find lace chokers online.

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Beaded chokers


If you want to create an elegant look these are the best thing to team up with your outfit. A wedding dress, party dress can become really attractive if worn with beaded chokers. Pearl beaded chokers look amazing in aged beauties.
Click on the links below to get redirected to the merchant’s website for buying options.

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Leather chokersd


Leather look goes nice with hippie or street style. Wearing a leather choker will emphasize the look very much.

The images of the chokers are available to buy from online. Just click on the links according to the number of the images.

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Wired choker


This types of chokers came first during the choker evolution 2016. Just kidding, there is so such evolution took place. Wired chokers are easy to wear with Jeans, capris, skirts and many more. Casual chic look is the best look to be created with wired chokers.

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Pendant chokers


Pendant chokers are basically the combination of all the above mentioned chokers. A pendant with a choker, the simplification says. It can be a leather belt, a ribbon belt of wired. But it should have a pendant. Silver oxidized pendants are more popular.

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Bow/Ribbon chokers


Bow chokers and Ribbon chokers are not same things but I am mentioning these two together because the effects and the looks that can be created by them are pretty same. Flirty chic look can be achieved by long ribbon chokers. Tie the choker over your neck and make a bow.

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My request!!

It is my humble request to all of the beauties to try chokers other than black please!! Black chokers have become Very Very Very common these days! Find a printed, stripped of multicolored choker for yourself. Be trendy but unique is the best thing to do.

NOTE: If you find any of the links are not working, broken, product sold out, discontinued or any fault regarding this please mention it in your comment below. We will definitely try our best to help you out.

And finally……………….. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!

Happy blogging 🙂