Cardigans are very common thing to wear in winters. I personally don’t like to wear cardigans because of two reasons. One, they come with very simple, one coloured and undesigned patterns. This gives an extreme normal look which I don’t like. I like clothing’s simple but also should have a hint of uniqueness. And the second reason is they almost look like a blouse over t-shirts or shirts!

But in this winter I saw people wearing long lengthened cardigans. I actually didn’t want to give them my attention buy realized that the long cardigan styles are really worth following! Then I started some research about this particular thing. I got to know that long cardigans have been featured by most of the world class designers in almost every renowned fashion weeks from the past 6 months. Finally I have collected so many information about them that I think I should share with you all.

So why is there a need of sharing this post?

The reason is I have also got to know during my research that women are getting confused how to style a long cardigan. I saw people asking in online discussing platforms how to style them. They have bought one for them already because they also have seen people wearing the same thing and looked very nice. But these people are so confused to style their own items!

Here is the solution of all of your confusions!

I will write here about some of the ways how you can wear your long cardigan. Find which look attracts you the most.

  • Long cardigan in fade, matte, neutral shades to give a clean look


  • Long cardigans teamed with high heels


  • Long cardigans to wear over shirts.


  • Cover up your butt while wearing a leggings with long cardigans


  • Wear it with mini dresses in winter to get the comfort.


  • Cardigan over a maxi dress also looks good.


  • Long cardigan hides your bare legs in winter.


  • The combination of boots and long cardigan in amazing.


  • Shorts with long cardigan. A complete Boho item.


  • Skirts and long cardigans are good pair.


  • Instead of wearing a long cardigan over something, let it sit under your jackets.


  • Fluffy long and over sized cardigans if tied with a belt around waist gives a coat effect.


  • Sporty girls can wear this with canvas shoes and sneakers.


  • Sexy party dresses can be worn with a cardigan in winter morning to minimize the over hotness.


  • Not comfortable in Crop tops? Pair it up with long cardigans.


  • Bright colour long cardigans create a nice contrast if teamed with neutral colours.


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