Hair fall is a major problem faced by many of us. I had also been irritated by this problem for almost a year. Finally, my Pharmacy degree course helped me to get rid of this problem. So, in this episode of TheFashionDesert I will start by discussing few major causes that promotes hair fall, what is called by normal daily hair loss, then I will move on to the Homemade Hair Fall Rescue Packs and then I will finish the article by mentioning the topics that the Part 2 of this post will cover.

Basic Causes of Hair Fall

Hair starts thinning first and then they fall. If you notice your hair is going thinner day by day then start treating your hair as soon as possible because if not, that will lead to hair fall. Once hair fall is started it becomes very tough to handle. There are a lot of ways to treat it. But for now, we will try to check the causes that can be completely or partially avoided by us to take care of our hair. This is the main reason behind why I am sharing the causes with you at the very first paragraph of this article.

  1. This first thing should be Unhealthy Diet.
  2. Improper intake of water.
  3. Mental stress and tension.
  4. Less intake of protein in diet.
  5. Medications like Vitamin A tables.
  6. Pregnancy (temporary cause).
  7. Emotional Imbalance.
  8. Less intake of vitamin B complex.
  9. Heredity.
  10. Wearing untidy head band, helmets, caps, swimming cap etc.
  11. Diseases like Anaemia, Thyroid, Diabetes etc
  12. Pollution.
  13. Excessive use of chemical based products.
  14. Heat treatments.
  15. Over Massaging.
  16. Using dirty Pillow cover, comb and towel.
  17. Daily shampooing.
  18. Not using hair bands to tie up during sleep.
  19. Using rubber bands, rusted bobby pins etc.
  20. Not or over using of hair oil.


Normal Hair Fall (Most Important Segment)

Hair Fall is a disorder for sure, but that depends on the number of hair that are falling daily. That’s a FACT. In general, the hair that are going to fall out are more or less 10% by number of the total hair present. 90% of your total hair is in the growing stage. Rest 10% are in resting phase. They will come to an end in a few weeks. Of course, it is a foolish thing to say to count the total hair you have and count the fall out hair then go for a calculation. But you can distinguish in another established method whether you are having hair fall.

Trick: To check if you are having hair fall take a segment of 60 hair in your palm. Then continuously comb the segment by your fingers for some time. If you find 5-8 hair has fallen out, then be sure that you are not having hair fall. What you are having is called as normal daily hair loss. That every person has. But if you find more than 15 hair has come out then this can be a hint of your hair fall.

Normally, 50-120 hair fall is considered as daily hair loss. In some cases, it goes upto 150. But more than 150 is the crucial time to treat your hair.


Homemade Hair Pack 1


This is an eggless-Sulphur less hair pack for those who can’t tolerate the foul smell of egg proteins and sulphur.


  • Fresh Amla/ Amalaki/ Indian Gooseberry – 5 (small) or 3 (bigger)
  • Aloe vera juice or pulp
  • Water

Method:  Take a bowl of hot water and immerse the fresh and raw Amlas into this. Keep this bowl undisturbed for some time until the Amlas get well soaked and become softer. Now take out the amlas and remove the seeds. To this add the pulp of half of an Aloe Vera leaf. If in case raw aloe Vera leaf is not available in your locality you can add store bought aloe Vera juice 3 tbsp. full.

Now mix this mixture properly in a mixer grinder. Make sure these is no lump left. Now apply this pack on your scalp evenly and wash with water after 30 minutes. If you find the pack is way to thick, add some alma soaked water in the mixer.

This pack can be applied two times a week. My suggestion is to wash your hair with a mild shampoo (preferably a hair fall rescue shampoo) followed by proper conditioning.


Homemade Hair Fall Pack 2


This is a protein rich hair fall rescue pack that also can be used two times a week. Egg protein and other vegetable proteins are used to make this pack.


  • Eggs
  • Gram flour (Besan)
  • Honey

Method- Beat two whole eggs in a bowl. Number of eggs depends on the length and volume of your hair. Add 1tsp of honey to this. In this stage the mixture will be very runny. Add gram flour gradually while continuous mixing. Keep an eye on the consistency of the pack. When the exact pack like constancy is reached, stop adding gram flour. If you accidentally add more gram flour the mixture will get thicker. In that case, add little bit of water to adjust.

Apply this pack on your scalp and in your entire hair till the tip. Get a shower bag to cover your hair. Within one hour wash your hair with completely cold water. Warm water should not be used to remove this pack as it will cook the egg on your scalp 😀

Always shampoo your hair thoroughly to get rid of the eggy smell.


Benefits of these hair packs

Aloe Vera contains more than 10 components that help to fight hair fall. It has many enzymes which promote hair growth by developing a healthy scalp.

Egg protein helps the hair to restore its protein need and adds shine. It is said that if you rub an entire egg mixture on your scalp only, promotes hair growth rapidly.

Gram flour contains vegetable proteins and it is a great cleanser. Proper cleansing of your hair is one of the necessary things to ensure hair growth.

Honey makes a well-conditioned hair and also helps to grow your hair faster.

Precap of the 2nd Part of this article

  • We will be discussing some very easy-to-make Homemade Medicated Hair Oils which immensely help hair growth. Pick the one you like for your hair care routine!
  • The wonderful effect of Onions in Hair Growth!