This is the time to charge up yourself to loose some more calories and become fit and fabulous than ever. Many of us tried to loose weight in every possible manner but certainly failed. For those- please take this challenge and let me know your reaction in the 32nd day!

I am also, in my personal life, following these below mentioned formulas to get in shape. I don’t really check my diet. My normal diet is good enough to give me required amount of energy and not more than that. But if your diet is full of oily, fatty, unhealthy items then please remove those extra calories from your diet at least for this 1 month.


Once you start loosing weight you will be motivated by your own progress and that factor will help you to stay far away from unhealthy food.

In this one months challenge we will do running/jogging and free hand exercises in every alternative days. That way you will end up doing running 4days and exercising 3days per week or vice versa.


Cheat: Yes you can cheat your plan and still be on the race. You can skip 1 day of running/exercise each week. That means you can enjoy every Sundays doing not a single exercises at all!


  • 1st week of running should be in between 1.2 -2kms or it should cover more than continuous 12minutes.
  • 1st week of exercise will include 50 sit ups (10*5 reps) and 50 leg raise (30-45degree position)


  • 2nd week running will cover 3km distance each day. More than 160 cal will be burnt by this.
  • 2nd week exercise will include 100 sit ups (25*4 reps), 100 leg raise, planks (1minutes*5)


  • 3rd week Running for than 30 minutes. Almost 4 kms will be covered by that time.
  • 3rd week excersise will include 100sit ups, 100 leg raise, 5 one minute planks, star jumps (20*3 reps), burpee (20*3 reps)


  • Last week running will be same as 3rd week.
  • Last week exercises will be 50 sit ups, 50 leg raise, planks and side planks 5 times one minute or more hold time. Burpee and starjump will be the same of 3rd week.

By the end of 31 days, you will feel more energy and a new version of yourself. I am already following this plan and currently at the middle of the way. I have already lost some visible fats as well as a clear difference in measuments.

Do give it a try and let me know your feedback 🙂

Happy blooging 🙂