The story I am going to share is actually one of my sister’s real story. She has an amazing silky soft hair and fair skin tone. But she had a tremendous problem of acne. But surprisingly she never used to have pimples on cheeks or in any part of the T region as this part of our face is most prone to acne. Forehead pimples was the one  and only problem she faced related to her skin.

I saw her visiting doctors almost every month. Some gave her a new acne removing cleanser while some advised her not to intake oily foods. She had almost given up as none of those advice worked!

Then I talked about this thing to my professor. He is a Herbal Cosmetic specialist. At that time he set up his own cosmetic company. He was too busy to popularize his own company. So I thought he would definitely advise me to buy a product (promises acne removal) of his company which will actually turn into a mere advertisement.


His reaction was completely unpredictable. Whatever he did that day just changed my perception about acne. I memorized his each and every words and uttered in front of my sister. She also took it very seriously and thoroughly followed my professor’s advice.

In few months the acne problem in forehead was gone and left a glowing young clear skin.

What did he told me that day? That changed my sis’s life?

He just explained me the cause of acne. Not just the cause of acne, but the cause of forehead acne.

Forehead is the near most part of our scalp. We take a lot of care of the skin of our face, but do we really care enough for the skin that are actually holding thousands and thousands of hair follicles in it? The SCALP.

Yeah, we do shampoo! We regularly oil our hair etc etc. But whatever we do , we do for the betterment of our hair. This time we have to take care of the scalp for the betterment of our skin too.

Dirt, oil, dandruff etc are the culprits which cause unhealthy scalp. You may have used an anti dandruff shampoo but that only makes your scalp dandruff free for the shampoo-day only! The very next day the dandruff comes again.

Dirt is a combination of very minute particles of solid elements present in the atmosphere. This can not be seen in naked eye if present in a very little portion. But this tiny part can cause an unhealthy scalp.

These dirt/dandruff due to combing/ wind/ gravity/ any other ways fall onto the forehead. This starts the irritation of the forehead skin cells. The acne making bacteria are attracted and the final result is the formation of an acne.

So to check the birth of an acne on your forehead no need to control skin care routine. Start controlling the hair care routine.

Excess of oil if left overnight on scalp can drop onto forehead through capillary-like thin channels over skin. This will also result the same. After all you can’s use a hair oil on your face just like you can’t use soup-bowl spoons to have brownies!!

Cleaning of scalp is very important. Try to keep your shampoo to rest on your head for 3-4 minutes. This way the anti dandruff shampoos get enough time to work. Moisturizers or conditioners must be used after shampooing because anti dandruff shampoos have rough basic cleansing agents that left the scalp dry.


Another this my teacher mentioned is to drink really a lot of water. I don’t know the specific reasons behind this but I think the reason is to eliminate as much toxins from our body as possible. My sister used to drink 8 big size glasses on those days!

She tried a mask once in a week which is a thin mixture of mustard powder and honey. Apply the mixture on your forehead and leave for about 15 minutes.

She used to rub a slice of tomato on the pimples before taking a bath. This she did almost regularly.

Finally the day came when she looked at the mirror and felt the difference. It took almost 2 months to reach this stage. She thanked me like anything! But the credit goes to that person, my teacher! Cheer to your company, Sir!

So if you are facing this problem, do the steps mentioned above and let me know the results below at the comment section.

P.S. – if you are really having big chunks like pimples with visible pus or anything too serious, please visit a dermatologist as soon as possible. And do these things simultaneously.

I would really love to hear from you all!

Happy blogging 🙂