We just love to wear make up both for occasions and for daily routine. Those who need to apply lots of chemical based make up on their skin tend to have ageing at an early age. What we need the most is a make up remover to clean our face properly so that not even a single bit of the harsh chemicals of the make up stick to the skin.

Even if we do have a make up remover, do we think for once whether the remover itself is chemical based or not?

We hardly care !!!

But it is high time to think of all these things.

Now, if we already have a herbal makeup remover, is that even safe to use on eyes?! The most sensitive part of our body?!!

See guys, we wear lots of make up on our eyes than the rest of the parts of our face. Liners, eye shadows, glitters, mascara and so on! This has to be removed ‘Completely’ in any matter.

Here I have come up with another brand new episode of DIY Sunday where I will give you the details of making an Eye Make-up Remover.


  1. Coconut oil – quarter cup(melted)
  2. Vitamin E capsules – 1 capsule
  3. Any essential oil ( I used citrus as it has an amazing property of anti oxidation which helps to keep your skin young) – 2-3 drops

Method(Step by step guide)-

  1. Add required amount of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl. If needed, microwave for 30s so that it melts.
  2. Take a Vitamin E capsule, cut the top, add the oil directly to the melted coconut oil.
  3. Mix properly and add few drops of essential oil.
  4. Pour this mixture to your preferred container. I used a waste face-pack container.
  5. Allow this mixture to cool down in refrigerator.
  6. Take the container out of refrigerator. By this time the coconut oil would have set.
  7. Use the remover when necessary.


When you need to remove your eye make up just take some of the cream and apply on both the eyes. Gently massage in a circular motion for few minutes. Take a wet towel and wipe off all the make up that came out.

This oil can be used as a night cream for eyes. The buttery effect that the cream leaves on skin acts as a good moisturizer for the entire night.

So men and women, make this for yourself at home. And let me know how this has turned out for you!

Till then..

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Happy blogging 🙂