This is basically the continuation of the first part of this topic. The link is here where you can find the first part.

As I said at the end of the first part  that I will cover 2 very important topics, these are – some easy-to-make homemade hair oils to boost hair growth simultaneously to check hair fall and the miraculous effect of onions in hair fall.


I will cover 2 very wasy DIY homemade hair oils to boost hair growth :

  1. Hibiscus and Curry Leaf Hair oil


First thing first, to make Hibiscus and Curry leaf Hair oil you need a oil base. I used 100% pure Amway coconut oil. You can use other brands too. The method of making this oil is written below in step wise manner.

  • Add 1 cup of coconut oil in a pan and heat it in low flame.
  • Meanwhile, wash 2 hibiscus flower (entire flower) and 3-6 Curry leaves. Preferably tender leaves.
  • Add these into the heated oil.
  • Keep the heat as low as possible.
  • When the oil changes its color, turn off the heat.
  • Keep it aside for sometime to let the mixture cool down.
  • Strain the oil through muslin cloth or a strainer.
  • Pour this oil into a container with closed lid.

Apply this oil every alternative days at nigh before going to bed for an entire month followed by shampooing on the very next day.

If you are facing dandruff problem add few Neem leaves while heating the oil.

2. Oil Blend for extreme Hair Loss


You need coconut oil, castor oil and sesame oil for this. Don’t substitute any of them! An optional additive is Fenugreek seeds though I don’t consider this as an additive. Process of making this is-

  • Take a clean glass jar and add coconut oil, castor oil and sesame seed oil at a ration of 2:2:1.
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds (amount will vary) to this. The seeds will settle down at the bottom.
  • Now, keep the lid closed and expose the jar in sun rays for 5 days regularly.
  •  After 5 days of continuous exposure take the jar inside your home and start using it!

Make sure to shake the jar before using as the fenugreek seeds settle down. This oil is a sticky one but I must say this amazing hair oil works the best in hair fall issues!

Original castor oil can be bought from any medicine stores.

Please do not use fenugreek extract in place of raw fenugreek because extracts are water based. If you mix an water based extract to an oily phase, it will become an emulsion. And that is what we don’t want.

Precap: In the 3rd part ‘The miraculous effect of Onions in hair fall‘ will be covered…

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