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In this episode of TheFashionDesert, I will continue the left over part of the Hair Fall Rescue series. You can find the Part I and Part II here.

In this post the attraction is- The miraculous effect of onions in hair fall.

Without wasting time I will straight talk about How do onions help to check hair fall?


Onion is a very inexpensive thing that we all have in our baskets. And this little thing can create a big difference in our hair volume. Onions are proven to boost hair growth as well as to check hair fall even in very complicated cases of hair loss. Onions have sulfur in it, this causes the pungent odor. When juice is made from raw onions, the sulfur content comes into the juice and the residue portion of the onion has only the flesh and the skin part. The onion juice is an amazing nutrient for our scalp to make it a healthier one.

When we have a healthier scalp we are actually getting two steps forward to get healthier hair. Sulfur in onion juice helps to energize the hair follicles and brings a boost in collagen production. Which all together helps to generate new baby hair.


Different types of homemade ONION-remedies-

  1. For Normal Scalp and Hair– Mix 1:1 amount of onion juice and olive oil in a bowl. Apply this on your scalp and keep for 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair thoroughly to get rid of the pungent onion smell.
  2. For Dry Scalp and Hair- Mix 3 tsp of onion juice with 1 tsp of honey. Add 1 tsp of fenugreek seed paste (optional). Apply this mask for 30 minutes only in the scalp followed by shampooing.
  3.   For those who can’t bear the smell– Make 1 cup of onion paste and mix 1 cup of Rum into this. Gently mix it and keep as it is for overnight. On the next morning, strain the rum mixture. This liquid can be used for hair massage purpose.
  4. Gray Hair- Raw onion juice if applied on scalp and lightly massaged can promote hair growth to a greater extent and also prevents premature hair graying.
  5. Hair Loss Patches- Sometimes a handful amount of hair loss happens in some portions of our scalp leaving empty patches. To grow new hair in those patches apply a mixture of 1:1 portion of onion juice and honey on a regular basis.
  6. Oil for Night care– Cut some onion into dices and mix it will 1 cup of Castor oil. Bring it to a simmer for 3-4 minutes. Keep the flame as low as possible. Now take out the pan from heat and keep the lid on until the entire mixture cools down by its own. Finally strain and pour into a container. This oil can be massaged on all types of hair. Shampoo must be done on the next day.

Being a Pharmacist, I would recommend not to keep the juice aside for very long time. Try to apply the juice within 2 hrs. The fresh onion juice (any juices) becomes rancid after few hours.


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