Facial hair is an extremely unwanted thing for women!

Here, I have come up with an amazing idea of homemade facial hair removal in this episode of TheFashionDesert.

This is basically a face pack having hair removing formulas.

Things needed-

  1. Gram flour: 1 tsp
  2. Turmeric powder: 1 tsp


Method of preparation-

Take these two ingredients in equal portions and dump in a bowl. Add required amount of water to make a paste. The consistency should be honey like. That means it will be more thicker side.


Apply this paste (pack) before bath all over your face leaving the eye zone. Make a little thick layer of it and keep it as it is to rest for sometime until it dries up almost 90%.

Start rubbing your fingers in a circulation motion over your face to rub out the dried pack. The dried pack will come out like scaly breadcrumbs.

While removing out, the pack will pluck facial hair along with it.

Remove the left over pack with cold water. If necessary (1 time application most of the time fails to remove every bit of facial hair, so apply 2-3 times for better result) apply once again and follow the same procedure.


Gram flour is a natural cleanser. It helps to clean the clogged pores too. Turmeric is one of the beautifying products even used by ancient people. It enhances glow and gives a fairer complexion.


  1. Use this face pack two times a month at least to get rid of facial hair. Slowly you will able to see that the growth of facial hair has been stunted.
  2. Use milk instead of water to enhance the cleansing property of this face pack. Milk also leaves a moisturizing effect on your skin after final wash.
  3. Excess of using turmeric will leave a yellow very temporary stain.
  4. Make sure to scrub off the dried pack firmly without damaging the skin (less friction is accepted).