Pritha Ghosh got her passion for fashion from her mother. She is a pharmaceutical technology graduate and specialised in beauty products and home made remedies.
She believes in setting trends rather than following one. She is an active traveller and last but not the least, loves animals.

Our Motive-

The Fashion Desert, founded by Pritha Ghosh and Deepraj Das aims in giving solutions to fashion, beauty and makeup related problems. Lots and lots of home remedies and of course trendy fashion wears.

The AMAZING crew-
Thefashiondesert is a small crew with the 21st century madness. They are a family and work together everyday to provide you with new ideas and trends.
This young crew of fresh talents are pharmacists, engineers and Fashion Experts from all over the world.

The ones who makes the magic happen:

Deepraj Das,21M(Co founder),Pritha Ghosh,21F(Founder)