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Hair Fall Rescue (PART III)

Hi Folks šŸ™‚ In this episode of TheFashionDesert, I will continue the left over part of the Hair Fall Rescue series. You can find the Part I and Part II here. In this post the attraction is- The miraculous effect... Continue Reading →

Hair Fall Rescue PART II

This is basically the continuation of the first part of this topic. The link is here where you can find the first part. As I said at the end of the first part Ā that I will cover 2 very important... Continue Reading →

Get slimmer, 1 month ChallangeĀ 

This is the time to charge up yourself to loose some more calories and become fit and fabulous than ever. Many of us tried to loose weight in every possible manner but certainly failed. For those- please take this challenge... Continue Reading →

Pimples on your forehead? (picture summary included) (2 minutes)

The story I am going to share is actually one of my sister's real story. She has an amazing silky soft hair and fair skin tone. But she had a tremendous problem of acne. But surprisingly she never used to... Continue Reading →

Nail polishes for all season !! all time !! :)

See the list of some nail polishes that every girl should have in her makeup kit to flaunt their nails. via Nail Polishes Every Girl Should Have! ā€” Fabulous Flow of Fashion

Hair Fall Rescue (PART: 1)

Hair fall is a major problem faced by many of us. I had also been irritated by this problem for almost a year. Finally, my PharmacyĀ degree course helped me to get rid of this problem. So, in this episode of... Continue Reading →

Determine Your Face Shape Now!

Determine Your Face Shape Now! Our face shape is a very important factor to always look good. Whatever we wear has to match with our face nicely so that the entire look becomes beautiful.  Wearing dresses, accessories etc. which do... Continue Reading →

Get Rid of Chapped Lips Naturally

Get Rid of Chapped Lips Naturally Chapped Lips are very annoying problem that most of the persons face during winter. Having chap problems are common phenomena for both the genders. Women are prone to this problem as they apply a... Continue Reading →

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