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DIY SUNDAY: (Ep- 6) Homemade Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is an extremely unwanted thing for women! Here, I have come up with an amazing idea of homemade facial hair removal in this episode of TheFashionDesert. This is basically a face pack having hair removing formulas. Things needed-... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday (Ep 6) : Homemade Nail Filer

This is one of the necessary tool of our nail kit. It becomes very interesting when you get the chance to make it by your own with the help of some easy-to-find ingredients. What do you need? A tongue depressor... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday (Ep 5) Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

We just love to wear make up both for occasions and for daily routine. Those who need to apply lots of chemical based make up on their skin tend to have ageing at an early age. What we need the... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday: (Ep4) Homemade Scrub cubes (Christmas Special)

Scrubbers are really essential for us for everyday purpose. We have already talked about the need of a scrub in my previous post. So in this one, I will straight talk about the Homemade Scrub cubes only. Scrub cubes are... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday (Ep.-3) Easiest Rose Soap for ‘Happy Bathing’

  I love to make DIY projects! And when it allows me to make my own version with my preferred colour, scent, shape in it then I become crazy to make it! This weekend I have come up with this... Continue Reading →

DIY SUNDAY- (Ep.2)- Tinted Lip balm at Home

DIY SUNDAY- (Ep.2)-  Tinted Lip balm at Home As we said before, we have uploaded our 2nd DIY project in this Sunday! In this Winter embrace your lips with a completely homemade coloured lip balm. Make a self-made lip balm... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday(Ep 1) Homemade Non-greasy Body Lotion Recipe

Easiest Homemade Natural Body Lotion Recipe I always try to make my personal care products that I use daily, by my own at home as it allows me to choose the Ingredients solely. The main reason why I want to... Continue Reading →

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