The Fashion Desert

Hair Fall Rescue (PART: 1)

Hair fall is a major problem faced by many of us. I had also been irritated by this problem for almost a year. Finally, my Pharmacy degree course helped me to get rid of this problem. So, in this episode of... Continue Reading →

GET THE LOOK (Ep 3) : Angelina Jolie’s Style

I have come with another episode of GET THE LOOK this time. In this episode you will find an amazing look of Angelina Jolie described by us thoroughly in a very simple way. Revealing the look- In the above picture... Continue Reading →

Styling a Long Cardigan

Cardigans are very common thing to wear in winters. I personally don't like to wear cardigans because of two reasons. One, they come with very simple, one coloured and undesigned patterns. This gives an extreme normal look which I don't... Continue Reading →

Best way to wear a Choker(New year special post)

We all have noticed the Choker Trend this year. It has become an essential accessory at the end of the year. Chokers were a very prominent style during the late 80s. I can clearly remember my mother made a golden... Continue Reading →

GET THE LOOK (Ep 2) : Sexiest Actress, Megan Fox!!

Another post we have made for all of you to follow celebrity styles easily. Easily because the biggest problem arises when you don't find a similar looking clothing or accessory in shopping malls that you had noticed your idol was... Continue Reading →

Celebs Style (Ep 2) : Its time to buy Velvets

The best fashion trend that has been flying in the air is yet to disclose. Till then we are sharing a unique trend (which is basically not so unique as it has been borrowed from 80s style trends) of celebs... Continue Reading →

DIY Sunday: (Ep4) Homemade Scrub cubes (Christmas Special)

Scrubbers are really essential for us for everyday purpose. We have already talked about the need of a scrub in my previous post. So in this one, I will straight talk about the Homemade Scrub cubes only. Scrub cubes are... Continue Reading →

GET THE LOOK- (episode1) Jennifer Lopez Street Style

This post is for those who love celebrity styles and try HARD to follow them. I know you people want to be like them, want to grasp their style senses and many more. But the biggest problem arises when you... Continue Reading →

Celebs Style (Ep.-1) Bollywood Celebs Airport Style

Paparazzi has caught Bollywood Celebrities many times at Airports. They look so casual, simple and trendy in their own styles. These looks are so easy to create that anyone can do. Scroll down below to see the cool trendy comfortable... Continue Reading →

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